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We are back from Maison & Objet!

Hello everyone,

WALPA is back from Maison & Objet 2016 in Paris.

We have seen many new exciting wallpaper and products.

Some booths were real standouts and today I would like to focus on one brand in particular Koziel.

Coming from the theatre and stage design world the French designer’s flair to create atmospheres and ambiances is outstanding.

His booths are always a delight to visit and totally immersive. This is like being in a different world, completely disconnected from the outside world.


This year Christophe Koziel, the designer and owner of the company, has decided to introduce a whole new collection called Fantomatik.

Born from his love for inhabited spaces this new collection of fabrics, rugs, lunch mats and wallpaper is based on distressed tin tiles, herringbone and wooden patterns.

The extensive range of patterns, sizes and materials allows for an unlimited amount of possibilities.


The collection is not finished yet and may be subjected to some changes.

Just a taste of things to come.





















Meanwhile you can still check out the rest of Koziel wallpaper at WALPA online store and in our showrooms.





Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the wallpaper lovers

WALPA wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We hope 2016 will bring you love, happiness and success.

We are also looking forward to what all our wonderful partners have in store for us wallpaper addicts.

With all the new technologies and the ever expending designs and technics range 2o16 this is going to be another exciting year.

Here are a few Christmas themed wallpaper to put you in a festive mood.

The Deborah Bowness’s limited edition “Tree for Life” is exactly what your home needs.

Available in two versions, you can either choose one our combine them!






It has been an incredible warm Winter so far but Abigail Edwards snow flakes wallpaper will cover your snow needs!




UK’s Dupenny designs are also great for all the Winter sports lovers.







How about some knit wallpaper to keep you warm and comfy?

Lake August designs are truly unique and I warmly invite you to check the rest of the collection here.




There are of course plenty more designs , check out WALPA and find yours!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Store focus.

Hi folks,


It has been a month since we have opened our new Osaka flagship store WALPA Wallpaper Museum.

This has been a crazy good month, a lot of visitors and a lot of exciting events.

Lets just say this, we had a blast!

I would like to thanks all our visitors and all the people who came to visit, laugh and talk.


WALPA is always looking for new ways to keep you interested.

Wallpaper is a limitless material and I thought I would show you some examples of what can we done.

I mean we even have a real life size lion.

Enjoy the tour.

















The above are just a couple of examples.

The possibilities are truly limitless! The sky is the limit!

Come over and get inspired.







Work in Progress…New WALPA store.

Hi folks,


I thought I would just give you a chance to peek behind the scenes of our new WALPA store.

Here a few random images showing (not in necessarily in this order) some Scrapwood Wallpaper, Piet Hein Eek furnitures, Koziel fabrics, flowers and a black cat.

The later being presents from some partners.

All the staff in on the deck for this marine inspired building.

Jump on board and fallow us all over the world as we cruise and search for the best of the best wallpaper.

Enjoy and hope to see you there soon.


















The kids’ room in our new office.

Hi folks,

Today I thought I would report on yesterday’s work in the kids room.

After preparing the surface we had the pleasure to install this beautiful wallpaper from Hibou Home.

Hibou Home is a British brand specialized in creating children’s wallpaper and fabric that’s not only inspiring and fun but looks fabulous too. The wallpaper collection is sophisticated and inspired by timeless themes children know and love.

Cool and stylish designs perfect for children young and old. The color palette is dusky, muted and yet up to date.


The design we have chosen for the ceiling of our kids room is the Stars one.

I thought you would love to see a bit of behind the scenes so here you are.

Stay tune for the images of the full installation and of the kids room.












I will try to keep you posted on a daily basis.

Meanwhile you can always check our store here.


New Office and WALPA Osaka Store.

Hi folks!

We are getting ready to relocate our main office and Osaka store to a new location.

With the building done the fun part begins.

We have had a hard time picking up the wallpaper, with so many amazing products and so many different people in the company the selection process has been a long road. Still we have managed to satisfy everybody needs without being all over the place.


Each room will have a distinct atmosphere and ambiance.

We have tried to use has many wallpaper as possible and to represent the broad range of designs, materials and colors available. The office and the store will be representative of the sate of the wallpaper world.


Some wallcoverings are funky, some are realistic, some are subtle and some are just in your face.

Considering that we have  the means and the space this would have been a shame not to use wallpaper from all over the world. Let’s just say that harmony wasn’t the main concern during the selection process.


The best part is ahead of us, still I would like to share with you a few images.

Stay tuned for some more.


Enjoy this lovely Fall day.



















The future is looking bright for WALPA!



City life can be stressful at times and you may be looking for a shelter.

You may live in NYC, Paris, London or Tokyo after all this is the same.

City life can be hectic and stressful and you may need a quiet and soothing place to unwind after a hard day at work.

Home is where you should be looking to be, somewhere to ease your mind, soul and heart.

For some it will be warm and cozy, for others it will be bold and brash.

Here are a few designs to inspire you (I hope).


Starting with the increasingly popular Erstwhile series from Milton&King:








Now coming from Brooklyn some Summerish designs from Aime Wilder.

Perfect for a fresh and laid-back atmosphere.






Jump into the crazy with Flavor Paper.






Or something a little more subtle,







There is much more designs to discover and I invite you to check WALPA full range.



New design from Studio Ditte!

Hi Folks,


We have a new pattern for you coming from Studio Ditte.

This stunning trompe l’oeil wallpaper is called Container and is sure to make a strong impact in your home.

This never cesses to amaze how wallpaper has changed during the last decade.

Wallpaper is back from the dead and bouncing back to new heights.

From has been to hype, wallpaper is blooming and we are lucky to see new designs appearing avery week.

Until the next post enjoy:



























The new designs are already available in our stores.

If you happen to be in Japan just come over and check them out.



Why not be a Walpanian?

Come join the WALPA family, become a Walpanian!

Walpanians are wallpaper addicts and members of the DIY aficionados .

It is always inspiring to see what our customers come up with.

It can be really hard sometimes to picture and visualize the wallpaper on the wall.

We are really grateful for all the nice photos and we hope that they will help you.

Wallcoverings are wonderful tools and even an unique accent wall will transform your interior.

Why not try and see for yourself?


Below are a few examples from our dear customers.

Hope you like the ideas.


Starting with the living room:




Moving to the kitchen:

Louise Body:




The one and only one Scrapwood Wallpaper from Piet Hein Eek and NLXL:






Dining room:

Graham & Brown stylish Frames.




The toilets is an easy and playful room to get started.

Koziel and its infamous Toilet Spirit!




A sweet kid room with Studio Ditte.




A nice retro vibe for this work space.

Graham&Brown vintage inspired designs.




Send us your shots and join the WALPA team.

Enjoy wallpaper and be unique.



Real gold from the 60’s and 70’s

At WALPA we are lucky, very very lucky and so are you.

We have found the golden pot and put our hands on a huge stock of european retro / vintage wallpaper.

While some are arguably an acquired taste some of the designs are truly timeless.

We are still unpacking but some designs already have caught our eyes.

We cannot wait to bring you the “new” collections.

Meanwhile you can check the actual vintage collection here.