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Store focus.

Hi folks,


It has been a month since we have opened our new Osaka flagship store WALPA Wallpaper Museum.

This has been a crazy good month, a lot of visitors and a lot of exciting events.

Lets just say this, we had a blast!

I would like to thanks all our visitors and all the people who came to visit, laugh and talk.


WALPA is always looking for new ways to keep you interested.

Wallpaper is a limitless material and I thought I would show you some examples of what can we done.

I mean we even have a real life size lion.

Enjoy the tour.

















The above are just a couple of examples.

The possibilities are truly limitless! The sky is the limit!

Come over and get inspired.







Tokyo Designers Week with WALPA and NLXL.

Good evening,

In case you were wondering what WALPA has been up to lately here are a few photos of our booth at the Tokyo Designers Week.

We have so many nice products from NLXL that we needed a nice space.

Piet Hein Eek Scrapwood Wallpaper, Piet Boon Concrete, merci Tin Tiles, Arthur Slenk Remixed series and a new collection from NLXL.Lab.

Let me show you.




As always the design with NLXL is top notch, even the boxes are impressive.

The detail is everything and it shows in the packaging of the Scrapwood Wallpaper 2 series.




The Archives Wallpaper Collection form Studio Job.




The designs really have to be seen hanged, samples definitely do not do justice to the wallpaper.




A bird view of our booth and some visitors.

Wallpaper on the floor and on the furniture.

Endless possibilities…

Our handmade desk and the NLXL sample books.




A nice display of our magazine “Wallpaper World“.

Come and get your copies anytime in our stores.

Or check them online.




The big news:


Born with the bold statement below.

New wallpaper and a collection of stools for all the fans of Piet Hein Eek out there.




The wallpaper is already getting some attention.

You want to visit our stores to see more at that point thought.

The collection will be available in Japan through WALPA very soon.




The stools.

Coming soon.

Here again you can check them out in our stores.





More to come soon.

Hope to see you soon at the fair or in our stores.

Meanwhile you can also check our online store WALPA!