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New WALPA Wallpaper Museum and New Office.

Hi folks,


We just had an incredibly busy and awesome time.

After sweating blood and tears everything is ready, the opening party has been a huge success and people from all over Japan have been visiting us.

As you can imagine we have gone berserk and wallpapered absolutely everything. There is no surface and wall left unharmed.

We have gone all the way to create something really unique and well,…, over the top!

Nothing is going to stop us on our way to become the most unique wallpaper store in the world.

I cannot disclose any details yet but you can expect great things from WALPA in a really close future.


Meanwhile enjoy the tour and let me show you around the new store and office.

Starting from the store.






Scrapwood Wallpaper from NLXL.




Our library with tons and tons of wallpaper swatch books.




NLXL’s Merci Tins Tiles.




Here is a detail of Koziel Bricks and NLXL x Piet Boon Concrete Series.




Beverly Hills wallpaper in the powder room. A splendid jungle vibe.




Our panels to display the wallpaper. Here shown NLXL x Ekaterina Panikanova wallpaper.




The Museum’s powder room.




The park with a slide and playground for the kids.




Feel free to use the WALPA bus to visit us!



WALPA Cafe with some awesome stools from NLXL x Piet Hein Eek (foreground) and some sweet Rullers wallpaper from Mr&Ms Vintage.




The kids room. Wallpaper courtesy of the mighty Milton&King (wall) and Hibou Home (ceiling).





More Scrapwood Wallpaper from NLXL and Piet Hein Eek.




The new desks are as you can guess wallpapered then protected with some varnish.




One of the meeting rooms with some incredible Musical Mandala from the one and only Flavor Paper (of course).





NLXL x Studio Job l’Afrique wallcoverings. Edgy and super cool.




The powder room has a deep perspective wallpaper. The mural is made to order by Photowall.




Timorous Beasties psychedelia on both walls with some Deborah Bowness tiles wallpaper on the foreground.








The powder room and its amazing ceiling from NLXL x Merci and the cute rabbits from Dolcevita.




Now the men’s room. An incredible industrial vibe with NLXL x Studio Job wallpaper.




Knot on Wood and B-A-N-A-N-A-S from Flavor Paper. The banana wallpaper is scented! No need for a refresher.




Another view of this incredible wallpaper.




Where the magic happens: the office.




A huge brick wall courtesy of Tom Haga’s Concrete Wallpaper.




There is of course much more to see and I truly invite you to come and see for yourself.

The idea was to create a special place, a wallpaper paradise and I do believe we have succeeded.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you are looking for some wallcoverings and inspiration for all your projects.




WALPA Ginza Store and the Tokyo Designers Week report.

Hi there,

We are just back from Tokyo Designers Week and it was great.

We had the honor and and pleasure to have Rick Vintage, NLXL Creative Director and Designer here in Japan for a couple of days.

It has been really inspiring to meet such a famous designer and to see him interact will all the visitors.

He is a really lovable person and always create good vibes.

During those 2 days he has spent his time signing books, walls and notes.

He might also be in more than a hundred photos.

Here are a few images from the time we have spent together in our new WALPA Ginza store and at the fair.

I hope you will like it and make sure to come and check the new NLXL.LAB wallpaper and Piet Hein Eek designer stools.


First things first, our new WALPA Ginza Store.

Freshly open it is located in Tokyo hottest place. Can you spot it?




Here are a few of the 10 NLXL.LAB x Piet Hein Eek available stools.




The master at work.




The signature on some PHE-09 from the Scrapwood 2 Collection.





And the next day we were off to the Tokyo Designers Week to check WALPA booth.

Hardly arrived and Rick was already in top gears, providing insightful stories and witty comments.

A real crowd pleaser.




Off course the whole booth was wallpapered, from the walls to the floor.

Our visitors really enjoyed walking on the walls or was it the floor?




And off course the obligatory signature.

Just the perfect end to a perfect day!





Thanks to you all for coming!



Tokyo Designers Week with WALPA and NLXL.

Good evening,

In case you were wondering what WALPA has been up to lately here are a few photos of our booth at the Tokyo Designers Week.

We have so many nice products from NLXL that we needed a nice space.

Piet Hein Eek Scrapwood Wallpaper, Piet Boon Concrete, merci Tin Tiles, Arthur Slenk Remixed series and a new collection from NLXL.Lab.

Let me show you.




As always the design with NLXL is top notch, even the boxes are impressive.

The detail is everything and it shows in the packaging of the Scrapwood Wallpaper 2 series.




The Archives Wallpaper Collection form Studio Job.




The designs really have to be seen hanged, samples definitely do not do justice to the wallpaper.




A bird view of our booth and some visitors.

Wallpaper on the floor and on the furniture.

Endless possibilities…

Our handmade desk and the NLXL sample books.




A nice display of our magazine “Wallpaper World“.

Come and get your copies anytime in our stores.

Or check them online.




The big news:


Born with the bold statement below.

New wallpaper and a collection of stools for all the fans of Piet Hein Eek out there.




The wallpaper is already getting some attention.

You want to visit our stores to see more at that point thought.

The collection will be available in Japan through WALPA very soon.




The stools.

Coming soon.

Here again you can check them out in our stores.





More to come soon.

Hope to see you soon at the fair or in our stores.

Meanwhile you can also check our online store WALPA!