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Fall selection.

Good afternoon to all wallpaper lovers.


The wind gets cooler and cooler, the days are shorter and the temperature is dropping.

Fall is definitely upon us.

With the weather getting more pleasant this is a great time for DIY projects.

How about some redecorating and wallpaper hanging?

I have selected a few wallcoverings that definitely smell of Fall.


Back from the European 60’s / 70’s here is some soothing vintage wallpaper.

Retro wallpaper is back and a fine addition to your interior.









Looking for something a bit warmer?

Mineheart lovable wallpaper collection is an unique blend of modernism and tradition.

Every piece si carefully crafted to inspire, tell a story, express a poetic notion or just make us smile.

The brand name itself is rooted in Shakespearian English and reinforce the playfulness of the British design studio.

A few of their new products:








Daniel Heath has a fascination for the weird and the wonderful and it shows in his designs.

For instance these seemingly beautiful birds are in fact pinned, stuffed and preserved in static macabre.




The wonder and spectacle of the circus and the whimsical imagery of Victorian inspires Daniel’s Amazing Jumbo design.

Peer inside the big top style illustration and see horses and elephants playfully perform.




At last but not least here is Hannah Nunn.

Her Beech Leaves wallpaper is inspired by a rainy morning walk when she sheltered under a low hanging beech canopy.

” I loved the way the light shone through the leaves to create overlapping shadows.”

The ink has  a subtle sheen and really is beautiful when it catches the light.




Paper Meadow is a wistful, dreamy meadow full of grasses, cow parsleys and dandelions clocks.

A nice touch for this Fall decoration.






There is of course so much more wallpaper choice so come over.

Check out WALPA!!!