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WALPA in Milan

Hi wallpaper lovers.

WALPA was in Milan for the Salone del Mobile and has big news for you.

NLXL, the infamous Scrapwood Wallpaper designers has chose to catch the chance to introduce their new collections Obsession by Daniel Rozensztroch from Merci and Addiction by Paola Navone.

What can be said about Milan that has not been said yet?

The city is gorgeous, the people are beautiful and the food is exquisite.

Here are few snapshots.



















NLXL new collections are blurring the lines between art and wallpaper.

Double Face refers to the dualism presents at the core of the exhibition.

Both collections are complementary and echo together to create a new concept in the wallpaper world.

You can tell that there is a lot of love (and off course work)  involved in the creative process of these designs.


The first collection “Addiction” is all about Paola Navone addiction to blue.

She has been using this color all along her career and the color is now her signature.

Bold, arty and challenging this series of wallpaper is a really pleasure for all the designs connoisseurs.

A real treat for this Summer.














On the other side of the coin, Daniel’s collection is all about the detail and realism.

You literally have to touch the wallpaper just to make sure that this is not a real hanger!

Obsession refers to Daniel compulsive way of collecting objects of all kinds.

The series is easier on the eye and has proved to be a real crowd pleaser.

It does help that Daniel is one of the most charming and down to hearth person in the business.

Enjoy his collection below:













The highlight of the whole week was the Elle Decor International Awards 2015.

Being awesome as they are our good friends from NLXL won the award in the Wallcoverings category with their Archive Collection by Studio Job.

This is not the first time but seing them taking another award home is really satisfactory.

Their dedication to great designs, challenging wallpaper and being themselves is paying off.

It is always satisfactory to see people like Rick and his team succeed.

I trust them to keep pushing the boundaries and bring more “Designs” into the wallpaper world.

Well done Rick.





This was the perfect ending to an exciting (and busy) week in Milan.





Thanks for all the inspiration and the wonderful moments.

See you again soon Milan.


All the collections are available in our WALPA stores.