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Why not be a Walpanian?

Come join the WALPA family, become a Walpanian!

Walpanians are wallpaper addicts and members of the DIY aficionados .

It is always inspiring to see what our customers come up with.

It can be really hard sometimes to picture and visualize the wallpaper on the wall.

We are really grateful for all the nice photos and we hope that they will help you.

Wallcoverings are wonderful tools and even an unique accent wall will transform your interior.

Why not try and see for yourself?


Below are a few examples from our dear customers.

Hope you like the ideas.


Starting with the living room:




Moving to the kitchen:

Louise Body:




The one and only one Scrapwood Wallpaper from Piet Hein Eek and NLXL:






Dining room:

Graham & Brown stylish Frames.




The toilets is an easy and playful room to get started.

Koziel and its infamous Toilet Spirit!




A sweet kid room with Studio Ditte.




A nice retro vibe for this work space.

Graham&Brown vintage inspired designs.




Send us your shots and join the WALPA team.

Enjoy wallpaper and be unique.