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WALPA Tokyo 2nd Anniversary.

Hi folks!


Time flies and this is already the second anniversary of our Ebisu’s store.

The whole WALPA family would like to thank you for your patronage.

WALPA is also proud to introduce NLXL new wallpaper collections from Paola Navone and Daniel Rozensztroch.

Just drop by and enjoy with us.



















News from our company. Order made customs walls now available.

Hi there,

Our other shop, Kabegamiyahonpo, has launched a new made to order service.

Easy as pie,  just send us a nice image of photo that you would like us to print, tell us the required dimensions and we will do the rest.

The mural will come split in several panels, the number depending on the size, all you have to do then is to follow the steps.

The wallpaper is printed on a stable non-woven media, paste the wall not the paper and you do not need much space when installing it.

Each panel width is conveniently narrow and hanging the paper is easy as it can be.

For a perfect match the paper should be installed with an overlap (about 1cm) and then double cut.

Our staff is here to support you with all the steps and should you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.

Below you can see a few examples.

Love you dog? How about making larger than life?

Here is a nice mural of Aretha chan (the company’s dog).




Need to brighten an otherwise un-cool meeting room?

Make a groovy mural with your company’s moto on it.




You have a nice photo of your loved ones ?

We can print it to perfectly fit on your sliding doors or doors.

Installing it then is really child’s play.




Want a feminine vibe? We have your back covered.

This mural with is pastel colors and round designs is sure to make up for a lovely interior.




Fake and trompe l’oeil patterns are really hot now, here is an example of how we have worked with a customer to integrate some nature to his interior.

We have printed a trunk to cover a concrete pillar and brought the forest to the living room.

Again this is just an example and the sky is the limit.

Have fun playing with new ideas and explore the endless possibilities.





Another view of the installation.




We have just scratched the surface here and the choices are truly limitless.

We invite you to contact us for further information and details.



Winter is here and and it is getting cold, very cold.

Hi there,

Winter is here and it is getting colder everyday.

Why not invite the sun and bring back the good ol’ warm days?

Here is a selection that will warm you up and help you to make do through those cold gloomy Winter days.


Warm and fuzzy, Flower of Love from the masters of funk Flavor Paper.




Missing your mojitos on the beach?

Here hang this party ready design from Aimee Wilder.

Swell Lima baby!




Organico-psychedelic patterns, perfect to cheer you up when the weather is a party crasher.

Euphemia 1 (Lazybones) comes from the always sunny Australia.




Locked inside and need to kill some time, have fun looking for Wally.

This uber-detailled pattern is sure to be a kid pleaser.



Just what it looks like: A Day at The Beach from Australia finest purveyors of wallpaper Milton & King.





Or just bring the beach to your living room.

Summertime a the Beach by Photowall custom mural.




Stay warm, be safe and check out WALPA for more heart warming wallpaper, murals and wall-coverings.


Graham and Brown new design Northern Rose.

Meet Boris or is it Doris?
Charming ambassadors of the new Graham and Brown Northern Rose.

The Northern Rose was chosen from Graham and Brown archive as the beautifully painted fresh design in vibrant pink and explosive blue with lush embellishments.

It represents the optimism that is spreading across U.K. as a whole, whilst retaining a certain, vintage charm.

Graham and Brown loves it so much that the wallpapered “Dorris the Morris” in it, and put it at the heart of our “made of design” ethos.


















Doris is getting ready for a drive.

No doubt she will make a bold statement with such a colorful yet classic car.






Check the real thing WALPA stores or at the Japantex in our booth.