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Get ready for the National Wallpaper Week ran by Graham&Brown.

Hello folks.


Save the date.

The Graham&Brown National Wallpaper Week is happening soon.

Running from the 5th to the 11th of October the event is a wallpaper’s lover dream.

I really like the energy and creativity in Graham&Brown. They sure do a lot to promote wallpaper in Great Britain.

I am pretty sure this is a world first, a full week of events based around the wallpaper.

There are competitions, clinics, exhibitions and more…Just check it our if you are lucky enough to be in UK around this time.

The main site can be accessed here:







There is also a Facebook page to follow the event in real time:

Make sure to check out the schedule.

This is really mouth watering, there are enough activities to stay busy for days and days and days.

Come and join in at your convenience.






On a more personal note, at WALPA we are very proud of being Graham&Brown partners for Japan.

This is really exciting to be working with people like that.

We share the same vision of pushing the wallpaper world into new directions.

Come over and check out Graham&Brown wallpaper.



House of Hackney new collection is out.

Hi folks,

I hope all is good on this beautiful day.

The beautiful albeit hot weather calls for some freshness, luckily the new House of Hackney designs have plenty of it for all of us.

Tropical, vegetal, bold or subtle, pick you flavor!

House of Hackney has outdone itself again. The whimsical and weird animals from the beginnings are gone but the magical vibe is there.


Make a statement.

Coordinate the wallpaper strangeness to either a classical British style or a modern one for a bold yet stylish interior.


Starting from my favorites, here is a quick introduction to the new line-up.





















Come over and check out the rest of the collection and Spring themed wallpaper in our stores.









Graham and Brown new design Northern Rose.

Meet Boris or is it Doris?
Charming ambassadors of the new Graham and Brown Northern Rose.

The Northern Rose was chosen from Graham and Brown archive as the beautifully painted fresh design in vibrant pink and explosive blue with lush embellishments.

It represents the optimism that is spreading across U.K. as a whole, whilst retaining a certain, vintage charm.

Graham and Brown loves it so much that the wallpapered “Dorris the Morris” in it, and put it at the heart of our “made of design” ethos.


















Doris is getting ready for a drive.

No doubt she will make a bold statement with such a colorful yet classic car.






Check the real thing WALPA stores or at the Japantex in our booth.