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The wallpaper masters from down under have a new collection out for you guys.

Lovely Thursday, wallpaper day.

Milton&King are busy, very busy.

They are not wasting time to conquer the wallpaper world and are back with a Nordic inspired new collection: Ingrid&Mika.

The designs are definitely new for Milton&King and has a different vibe.

Geometric, joyful yet stylish.

The new collection will be available through WALPA soon.

Meanwhile here is a small taste of the things to come.

I hope you will enjoy as much as we do.


















New brand on WALPA: UGEPA

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday.

UGEPA is the last French wallpaper manufacturer and is a new addition to WALPA collection.

The collection showcases a selection of classic, fakes and more modern designs.

If you need  ghetto blasters, Tv sets, guns, bricks or a jungle wallpapers look no more.

UGEPA used to be a manufacturing only and it shows. The printing quality is top notch.

As always I strongly advise you to come over and check the real thing in our stores.

























New Wallpaper World Magazine.

Hello there.

Our 10th Wallpaper World magazine is already out!

Featuring a groovy interview from  Flavor Paper owner and main designer Jon Sherman as well as a new concept: WALPA Doll Box.

We thought about the best way to recreate a brand atmosphere in a limited space and came up with the idea of the doll box.

This is real life dolls we are talking about (ladies from our staff play the dolls) .

We proudly bring you the Koziel Doll Box and the House of Hackney Doll Box.

Below each box are listed the products used for the photoshoot.

Off course all the references listed are available in our stores.








New WALPA store open in Isetan!

Hi there.

I come with some great news for our tokyoites friends!

A new WALPA store has open today.

Right in the heart of the busy area of Shinjuku, WALPA Isetan is located on the 5F of the department store.

The new store in Isetan mixes WALPA usual vibe with a high end flair.




Come over anytime (well at least between 10:30 and 20:00) to check out the new NLXL designs.

The Rulers designed by Mr&Ms Vintage themselves are a stunning example of what can be done when you have tons and tons of talent.







The original Scrapwood Wallpaper or where it all started.

It has been almost 4 years since it debut, all I can say is that it has not lost a once of its edge.

This still is a benchmark when it comes to realistic wallpaper. More than wallpaper a true design classic that will stay relevant for ever.

Buy it here.




A selection of some of our favorite designs are displayed on large panels to offer the optimal visibility.




Sneak peek at Koziel new design: Bricks and Moss.

This time again the French masters have outdone themselves.




Last one for the road.

Here is a larger photo of our shop.





Come over and check the new store out!