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Graham & Brown’s (UK) Kids@Home collection is now available at WALPA.

Hi there,

The Graham & Brown kids collection is now available in Japan through WALPA.

Might it be for a new born, a kid or an adolescent all your childhood characters are here.
Disney’s Frozen characters, old school Mickey Mouse infamous white gloves, Hello Kitty and more!

T  he range of designs is really wide.

Off course Marvel’s iconic super heroes are there too.

Star Wars themed wallpaper is to follow soon as well and will appeal to nostalgic adults as well.

Create playful, bold and joyful interiors.

Let your your favorite stories overwhelm you and follow them in a world of colors and adventures where magic rules.

Metallic grounds, non-woven and flocking wallpaper are mixed in this impressive collection.





















Off course you can check out the whole in store!

Feel free to visit WALPA anytime.



An antidote to blue Mondays.

Hi there,


Feeling blue?

WALPA and Rebel Walls have an antidote.

Check out this new bold and colorful collection from the custom murals designers Rebel Wall.

Rebel Walls hails from Sweden and wants to revolutionize the way we look at our walls.

Here is what they say about their designs and brand:

“Being a rebel is not an end in itself but rather a must. When you wish something that do not yet exist, you create it yourself.”

“Rebel Walls thinks outside the box – from the first stroke of creation to social responsibility. We give you the tools to change your surroundings on your terms. For each unique wallpaper created, Rebel Walls donates money to Habitat for Humanity to help people build their own homes. ”

But after all it is only wallpaper we are talking about.


I hope that you will enjoy this explosion of colors as much as I do.

This new collection will be available at WALPA shortly.




















Until then, have a groovy Monday and keep on checking WALPA!


New designs from our friends NLXL: Biblioteca Wallpaper from Ekaterina Panikanova.

Happy Tuesday to you all!

NLXL is back at it again with an awesome new collection: Biblioteca Wallpaper.

This series is based on the work of the Russian artist Ekaterina Panikanova.

I think it is better to let the artist explain her work:

” I like working on old books: I like the way the wear and tear, underlining’s, notes and scribbling’s enable me to perceive the personalities of the people who have read them. Each book has a history, it is the story of its reader. ”

“The collection is a research that speaks of private memory consisting of free associations,

It is a project that brings my work within the home, within the family where everything started.”


Rick Vintage, NLXL founder and Head Director had the impossible task to transform Ekaterina’s art into wallpaper.

Here is what he has to say about the process:

“From the very first encounter with Ekaterina’s art we could not get it out of our heads. ”

“It was a difficult task for us to translate the 3D artwork to a wallpaper design.”

“The original artwork is so overwhelming, but after a long process we got it right.”

“The final product has the same impact as the original.”


Being lucky enough to have seen the real stuff at the Heimtextil fair I can say that the new collection is impressive and gorgeous.

NLXL has also  introduced a new concept, you can complete the “main” design with some columns of books , allowing you to arrange the pattern as you wish.


The collection will be available at WALPA very soon, until then enjoy the images below:




























I really hope that you are as excited as we are!


New from the Graham & Brown: Ultimate Flock Collection。

Hello there.

Graham & Brown has some gorgeous flocked wallpaper for your guys.

The new color ways are astonishing and gorgeous, check out that orange, pink and purple on gold.

Bold, loud, cute and classic patterns…The collection is broad and has it all.

The images do not do justice to the quality of the flocking and material.

The pearlescent background is especially incredible.

I strongly suggest that you come over and check out the catalogues in our stores.


Below is a selection of some of my favorite designs.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.