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WALPA wishes you a Merry Christmas!!!

‘Tis the season.

WALPA wishes you, your family and friends a wonderful Christmas.

We wish you all the best and a joyful time.


Here is our Christmas tree made from plywood and NLXL Scrapwood Wallpaper.

Also pictured the awesome new stools from NLXL.LAB.

These stools use famous artworks from the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam.

The stools are shipped flat packed and meant to be assembled but don’t worry it only takes a couple of minute to get it done.





















We wish you the best of the best and we will be back in 2015 with more wallpaper greatness.


Merry Christmas!!!!


Winter is here and and it is getting cold, very cold.

Hi there,

Winter is here and it is getting colder everyday.

Why not invite the sun and bring back the good ol’ warm days?

Here is a selection that will warm you up and help you to make do through those cold gloomy Winter days.


Warm and fuzzy, Flower of Love from the masters of funk Flavor Paper.




Missing your mojitos on the beach?

Here hang this party ready design from Aimee Wilder.

Swell Lima baby!




Organico-psychedelic patterns, perfect to cheer you up when the weather is a party crasher.

Euphemia 1 (Lazybones) comes from the always sunny Australia.




Locked inside and need to kill some time, have fun looking for Wally.

This uber-detailled pattern is sure to be a kid pleaser.



Just what it looks like: A Day at The Beach from Australia finest purveyors of wallpaper Milton & King.





Or just bring the beach to your living room.

Summertime a the Beach by Photowall custom mural.




Stay warm, be safe and check out WALPA for more heart warming wallpaper, murals and wall-coverings.


Throwback thursday (well friday).

This is already the end of the week.

This is almost Christmas.

2015 is at our doorstep.

So many things happened in the wallpaper and in WALPA worlds.

New collections, new stores, new medias and more.

Flipping through all the Wallpaper World editions (not in chronological order) it reminds me why the wallpaper world is so exciting. There is always something happening.

Come on take a trip down memory lane with us.


It all began here. Vol1 featuring the new NLXL collection: Remixed Wallpaper by Arthur Slenk.

An awesome collection based on a painstaking work.




Milton & King has been part of WALPA collection for a while now and they always have been really supportive to say the least.

We wanted to do something special for them to express our gratitude, so we started a 3 months Milton & King fair.




Each time the staff is asked to pick up a design and pose…the results are quite interesting.




Flavor Paper doesn’t need to be introduce. Their Warhol collection is just out of this world. Uber-coolness and a game changing collection.

Think art meets wallpaper.




Speaking of which, this year ICFF was a blast. Cannot wait for the next. Tons of new designs and nice people.

It is always a pleasure to be around people like that.

Keep on pushing the wallpaper boundaries.

On this page: Calico, Deborah Bowness and Hannah Nunn.

Love you all.




2014 marks the birth of WALLTZ our own wallpaper series.

Japanese designers bring their art to your wall.

Taylor made and totally unique.




And off course we have opened a new store…in Ginza (the Japanese equivalent of the Champs Elysees ou 5th Avenue).

Only the cream of the cream of the wallpaper world.

We are the first in the world to offer you the possibility to simulate and put you in the atmosphere with our dedicated room.

You can change in real time the wallpaper and experience it live.

Check it out.




And off course the new NLXL collection: Studio Job Archive Wallpaper.

I guess that all of you have heard of it.

The coverage has been crazy and all the medias went wild.

Let’s just say that wallpaper has made history. Wall coverings will never be the same.





Stay tuned for more exciting news and designs.

Take care.


Collection Spotlight: Arthur Slenk X NLXL Remixed wallpaper series.

Hi there,

I just wanted to remind you today of this incredible wallpaper series from NLXL and Arthur Slenk.

This collection adds not only pattern but texture, patina and a sense of history to the wall.


The creative process in itself has been painstakingly long. It all started about 20 years ago when Arthur found a box of discarded handwritten sheet music and immediately felt in love with inks stains and paper texture.

Arthur decided to deconstruct, cut them to pieces and finally rearrange them in new patterns.

The result is a wallpaper nothing short of amazing and challenging. This is definitely not your standard wallpaper but it has a strong personality and uniqueness.

I would recommend this series to music connoisseurs with a strong taste for all things vintage.

This wallpaper tells a story and will bring you in a world of texture, stains and ink.


Check this awesome collection out and if you are in Japan come and check the real thing in person at WALPA.