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Erik Gutter was here!

Hi again,


By now I guess that all of you dear readers have heard about the new creative outlet of Rick Vintage NLXL.LAB.

Well, one of the associated designers has visited our WALPA store in Tokyo and took the time to pose in front of his own design (off course).

Check out Erik awesome Greenhouse Wallpaper at WALPA.







A great weekend to everyone.



Kemra month at WALPA.

Fans of trompe l’oeil rejoice!

We have great news for you.

Under the Milton & King umbrella there are 3 sub-brands, the trompe l’oeil and fakes specialized Kemra, the kids focused Muffin and Mani and Wallpaper Republic which offers a large range of collaborative and in house designs.

Milton & King wallcoverings have been successful in Japan and WALPA wanted to give back to this wonderful family run brand.

WALPA is having a 3 months fairs centered around the Australian wallpaper kings.

Starting this month with Kemra.




If you are looking for some amazing fake wallpaper this is what you need.

Bricks, planks, spice racks, bookshelves and even a patch of grass, Kemra has your back covered.

Realistic and playful.

Subtle or colorful.

Bold or discreet.

Kemra collection is a real crowd pleaser.

There is a design for everyone.

Here is a small selection of some personal favorites.


These incredible Saw Mill stacks of planks.




Maybe in your living room, around the fire place?

Winter Wood Pile pattern.




Having a sweet tooth? Macaroons is the answer!




Remember these colorful wooden soda boxes?

Well, I don’t…still I find them amazingly visual.

Gosport St Milk Bar.




Challenge anyone?

Recreate the evil vibe and demonic atmosphere of the Amityville house.





Lofty and trendy the Corrugated Iron looks like the real thing. No need to move to New York anymore!




Relax in a colorful interior.

Scrapped wood colorful planks for your beach house.


Top: Doll House Wood

Bottom: Lake House








And some bricks:





Check out the rest of the amazing Kemra wallpaper collection at WALPA.




WALPA Ginza Store and the Tokyo Designers Week report.

Hi there,

We are just back from Tokyo Designers Week and it was great.

We had the honor and and pleasure to have Rick Vintage, NLXL Creative Director and Designer here in Japan for a couple of days.

It has been really inspiring to meet such a famous designer and to see him interact will all the visitors.

He is a really lovable person and always create good vibes.

During those 2 days he has spent his time signing books, walls and notes.

He might also be in more than a hundred photos.

Here are a few images from the time we have spent together in our new WALPA Ginza store and at the fair.

I hope you will like it and make sure to come and check the new NLXL.LAB wallpaper and Piet Hein Eek designer stools.


First things first, our new WALPA Ginza Store.

Freshly open it is located in Tokyo hottest place. Can you spot it?




Here are a few of the 10 NLXL.LAB x Piet Hein Eek available stools.




The master at work.




The signature on some PHE-09 from the Scrapwood 2 Collection.





And the next day we were off to the Tokyo Designers Week to check WALPA booth.

Hardly arrived and Rick was already in top gears, providing insightful stories and witty comments.

A real crowd pleaser.




Off course the whole booth was wallpapered, from the walls to the floor.

Our visitors really enjoyed walking on the walls or was it the floor?




And off course the obligatory signature.

Just the perfect end to a perfect day!





Thanks to you all for coming!