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Erik Gutter was here!

Hi again,


By now I guess that all of you dear readers have heard about the new creative outlet of Rick Vintage NLXL.LAB.

Well, one of the associated designers has visited our WALPA store in Tokyo and took the time to pose in front of his own design (off course).

Check out Erik awesome Greenhouse Wallpaper at WALPA.







A great weekend to everyone.



Saturday news from WALPA. Concrete Wallpaper by Tom Haga is a new brand on WALPA.

I hope you are all fine after the Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday double whammy.

Today is the time to relax and enjoy the family things and or friends.

How about some really nice Concrete Wallpaper from Tom Haga (Norway)?

There are up to 47 designs to choose from, which will be really tough as all of them are quite awesome.

Some designs are raw, some are colorful and some are quite soothing. Wallpaper is like music and should suits your moods.

Some may say that concrete makes up for cold interior, this is not true. Tom’s wallpaper is warm and lively.

Tom Haga comes from the photography and fashion world, he has an eye (pun intended) for design and has been photographing materials for a long time. This naturally drove him to a new media: wallpaper.


Enjoy the collection and remember to check WALPA!




















This doesn’t even scratch the surface, check out all the varieties and kinds of slabs of concrete on WALPA!!





New on WALPA: Dominique Picquier from France.

Hi there,

WALPA is proud to introduce you Dominique Picquier.

Dominique Picquier is a French creator installed right in the center of Paris in Le Marais.

She started to design fabrics and slowly expanded her body of work to fashion and home accessories. Her designs are subtle and turn around the themes of nature, trees, light and shadows. A reminder of her Madagascan roots.

Her work mixes vegetal and urban and brings the country to the city in a stylish mix of colors, lines and patterns.

Dominique has brought us a new line of wallpaper, check her Los Angeles series below:




















Dominique Picquier collection is limited to the above 4 designs at the moment but being a fountain of creativity you can expect many more designs in a close future.

And don’t forget to check WALPA for more awesome wallpaper.







WALPA is pleased to introduce you DOLCEVITA Creation .

Hi there,

DOLCEVITA Creation is a new brand of wallcoverings that will appeal to both the kids and their parents.

The French designer stages animals, some cute as the rabbits, others witty as the roosters on realistic backgrounds.

The colors have earthy tones and are subtle or bold.

The collection offers a country vibe with a modern twist, perfect for an accent wall.

The wallpaper are sold to the panel or to the mural making them flexible, you do not need much space to bring the barn to your living room.




Meet the fiery Christiane.




Not to be confused with the equally fiery Jacqueline.




Also on a bottle-green ground. You want to think twice before cooking some coq-au-vin!




Jeannot des Champs is cuter.




Basil des Champs as seen it its natural habitat: your living room.




Achille des Fleurs is the poet of the gang and will be a perfect guest.

Kids room, bedroom, etc,…He will fit anywhere you want.





I invite you to discover and meet the other members of the tribe in our stores or online.

Whether you are interested in rabbits or not I invite you to check out WALPA.



New designs from the French trompe l’oeil masters Koziel.

Bonjour tout le monde.

I would like to introduce the latest patterns from the masters of fake wallpaper Koziel.

Koziel specializes in hyper realist wallcoverings.

Some of their hits include the Toilet Spirit, the Bibliotheques and the Briques.

Koziel has its roots in the communication and theater world. The idea behind the brand is to bring affordable realistic patterns to the commoners.

Christophe Koziel was frustrated with the lack of availability for this kind of products and decided to start his own brand.

I am happy to introduce the new designs.


The Soubasssement Haussmannien pattern exists in white, grey and ivory.

Hang it vertically and coordinate or paint the upper part.

This wallcovering will bring a nice classic vibe to your interior.













Les Briques Anciennes Vegetalisees have received rave reviews in Japan and are already selling well.

The moss finish to the classic brick design will turn any interior in a lively place.











The rusty metal plates Papier Peint Plaques Rouillees finish is just incredible.

It really must be seen. Samples will be available in the WALPA stores shortly so drop by!












More fake and realistic wallpaper are available in our stores.

Don’t miss the train and check out WALPA.


New Brand on WALPA Rebel Walls!

It’s Friday and WALPA has a new brand online!

Rebel Walls is Swedish wall murals brand.

They offer a wide range of patterns and designs all printed on demand.

As they say on their website ” When you wish something that do not exist, you create it yourself”!

Here are a few designs to give you a taste of their collection.

Jelly Belly Plants.




Dream Weaver.



Dusty Rubberstamp.

Hotel des Ventes.




World Map.




And last but not least: Punch Cards.

A personal favorite.





As always there is plenty more to see HERE!

Check out WALPA for the whole range of our amazing wallcoverings.



Kemra month at WALPA.

Fans of trompe l’oeil rejoice!

We have great news for you.

Under the Milton & King umbrella there are 3 sub-brands, the trompe l’oeil and fakes specialized Kemra, the kids focused Muffin and Mani and Wallpaper Republic which offers a large range of collaborative and in house designs.

Milton & King wallcoverings have been successful in Japan and WALPA wanted to give back to this wonderful family run brand.

WALPA is having a 3 months fairs centered around the Australian wallpaper kings.

Starting this month with Kemra.




If you are looking for some amazing fake wallpaper this is what you need.

Bricks, planks, spice racks, bookshelves and even a patch of grass, Kemra has your back covered.

Realistic and playful.

Subtle or colorful.

Bold or discreet.

Kemra collection is a real crowd pleaser.

There is a design for everyone.

Here is a small selection of some personal favorites.


These incredible Saw Mill stacks of planks.




Maybe in your living room, around the fire place?

Winter Wood Pile pattern.




Having a sweet tooth? Macaroons is the answer!




Remember these colorful wooden soda boxes?

Well, I don’t…still I find them amazingly visual.

Gosport St Milk Bar.




Challenge anyone?

Recreate the evil vibe and demonic atmosphere of the Amityville house.





Lofty and trendy the Corrugated Iron looks like the real thing. No need to move to New York anymore!




Relax in a colorful interior.

Scrapped wood colorful planks for your beach house.


Top: Doll House Wood

Bottom: Lake House








And some bricks:





Check out the rest of the amazing Kemra wallpaper collection at WALPA.




Graham and Brown new design Northern Rose.

Meet Boris or is it Doris?
Charming ambassadors of the new Graham and Brown Northern Rose.

The Northern Rose was chosen from Graham and Brown archive as the beautifully painted fresh design in vibrant pink and explosive blue with lush embellishments.

It represents the optimism that is spreading across U.K. as a whole, whilst retaining a certain, vintage charm.

Graham and Brown loves it so much that the wallpapered “Dorris the Morris” in it, and put it at the heart of our “made of design” ethos.


















Doris is getting ready for a drive.

No doubt she will make a bold statement with such a colorful yet classic car.






Check the real thing WALPA stores or at the Japantex in our booth.


The Flavor Paper new sample book is here.

The Flavor Paper new catalogue is here.
Flavor Paper from Brooklyn is all about fresh, groovy and funky wallpaper.
The company offers you mind bending patterns on psychedelic grounds. A mix of 70’s designs with a modern flair.
The range goes from Lenny Kravitz designed wallcoverings to scented cherries or banana or whatever you would like.
This wallpaper is not for everyone, again this is not the point.
Flavor Paper is exploring the boundaries of the wallpaper world and bringing something new to the game.

Because of the heavy use of mylar, reflective and glossy materials it is really difficult to see the true nature of the works.
Jon Sherman and his team print digitally and with silk screen.
Multiple screens and layers are necessary to achieve the truly original vibe.
You really miss out if you do not see the real thing, I really invite you to check it out in WALPA showrooms.

This is with a great pleasure that I introduce you Flavor Paper new sample book.
Enjoy the photos below.




One of the Lenny Kravitz designs.




The infamous scented series.

Wake up and smell the cherries.




Flavor laird in Brooklyn.

A truly amazing experience and the best way to experience the designs.

If in NYC check it out.




Conveying the awesomeness of the metallic ground is almost impossible with mere pictures.

Again come and experience the master pieces.




Another one for the road, Mustachio Licorice on Gold.




Come on you sexy things!




See the rest of the collection at WALPA.



Introducing a new wallpaper design from Studio Ditte.

Hi there,

WALPA is proud to introduce this new wallpaper pattern from Studio Ditte.

Studio Ditte (Netherlands) makes cute wallpaper for kids and their parents.

The Work Vehicles pattern is just out and will definitely be a boys room hit.

It features a large array of toys working vehicles and soft colors.

The hues are mostly green and blue making this design easy on the eye.

Pick you favorite truck and start your adventure.










Other popular designs from Studio Ditte include the Porcelain wallpaper.




The Button wallpaper.




And the Teaspoons wallpaper is a real classic.





The rest of the wallpaper collection can be seen in our stores or online on WALPA webshop.


A great weekend to all the DIYers out there.