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Custom Order made Walls.

Hi there,

After yesterday’s breath of fresh air I would like to show you something different.

Here is a short introduction of some awesome brands that make custom murals.

Taylor made like nice suits these custom walls have a wide range of applications and will work in any style of interior.

Sure they may take longer to reach your home but taylor made murals are well worth the wait.

One more plus, they work brilliantly as stand alone or accent wall.


Allow me to start with an Italian brand Wall&Deco and a famous figure, Desus or shall I say Zeus.

Invite the mighty god to the party and give a nice antique feel to your room.




Not feeling the antique vide and Zeus mighty stare?

No problem, the Gasoline design and its urban feel is an alternative.




More into something a bit cutter?

24H will look great in your bedroom.




The second Brand I would like to introduce you is Photowall from Sweden.

The patterns choices and possibilities are endless, you are only limited by your wall surface.

How about an early walk in the forest?

Hidden from the sun and under a green roof.

Sunbeam through Trees gives your daily dose of green.




Looking for a vintage rustic interior?

Look no more, here is your barn: Old Grain Store .

Country life without all the hassles.




Wine is good and makes for awesome corks murals.

Cork will be perfect in your living.




The last brand comes from U.K..

JW Walls offers you a wide range of designs from classic masterpieces directly taking from museums to creative comics like drawings.

Superhero will the speak to the little boy deep inside yourself.




Industrial and vintage Booster Vintage Blush.




Maybe some nice graffitis?

Let streets artist appropriate your interior.

The aptly named Their Wall is a great option for an interior unique and original.





The above is a really limited example of what you can do and you can really create something unique and personal.

For pricing, advices and info please check out WALPA.


Have a lovely day!


Aimee Wilder Bungalow Collection

I know it is almost Winter time but I for myself is longing for the Endless Summer.

Don’t let the cold and shorter days drag you down.

With Aimee Wilder Bungalow Collection it is always sunny and hot inside.

Our first pick is this crazy pineapple. Pina pattern smells of cocktails on the beach and warm evenings.




You surf?

I do.

This Swell design will bring you a smile even when the ocean is flat.

Flashy and bold: Lima color way.




More a yachting type?

Enjoy the Boating pattern in Sunburn.

Be smart don’t stay too long on the deck or at least use some sunscreen.




Off course no tropical paradise would be complete without some flowers.

Deliciosa pattern in the Jungle color way.




After a hard day at the beach you might want to cool down and just relax in the breezy evening.

The Wildflower will create a nice dusk feel, perfect to relax and enjoy the moment until the following day.




Aimee Wilder is a wallpaper designer from Brooklyn and I strongly recommend you to check out the rest of her collection here.




Tokyo Designers Week with WALPA and NLXL.

Good evening,

In case you were wondering what WALPA has been up to lately here are a few photos of our booth at the Tokyo Designers Week.

We have so many nice products from NLXL that we needed a nice space.

Piet Hein Eek Scrapwood Wallpaper, Piet Boon Concrete, merci Tin Tiles, Arthur Slenk Remixed series and a new collection from NLXL.Lab.

Let me show you.




As always the design with NLXL is top notch, even the boxes are impressive.

The detail is everything and it shows in the packaging of the Scrapwood Wallpaper 2 series.




The Archives Wallpaper Collection form Studio Job.




The designs really have to be seen hanged, samples definitely do not do justice to the wallpaper.




A bird view of our booth and some visitors.

Wallpaper on the floor and on the furniture.

Endless possibilities…

Our handmade desk and the NLXL sample books.




A nice display of our magazine “Wallpaper World“.

Come and get your copies anytime in our stores.

Or check them online.




The big news:


Born with the bold statement below.

New wallpaper and a collection of stools for all the fans of Piet Hein Eek out there.




The wallpaper is already getting some attention.

You want to visit our stores to see more at that point thought.

The collection will be available in Japan through WALPA very soon.




The stools.

Coming soon.

Here again you can check them out in our stores.





More to come soon.

Hope to see you soon at the fair or in our stores.

Meanwhile you can also check our online store WALPA!


Today’s weather in Osaka is finger licking good.
Sunny and warm, just the kind of perfect Fall day.

Have you heard about WALLTZ our wallpaper creation store?





With WALLTZ we want to bridge the gap between art and the wallcoverings world.

Our collection is the result of a  collaboration with Japanese artists. We mix modern technology with typical Japanese designs.

The designs are not stuck in the past thought, the collection is varied.

From pop culture icons, like the Famicom ( Nintendo) game cartridges, gigantic whales to oversized ink splashes the collection offers a wide choice while keeping a Japanese flair.

We print digitally on demand and our murals are taylor made, meaning they will perfectly fit your interior.


Let me introduce the collection for your viewing pleasure.


Paint it Black from IKI Design Farm




Breath from Junko Hashi




The Reindeer and Me from Ikura Marie




Quality Time from Kazuma Araki




Rorqual from Kata Kata




Pixel Cartridge from Masaaki Enami




And more…Just check WALLTZ!


Oh and we have a sample book now!


写真 1


And here is a view of the inside.


写真 2



Hope you like it and remember to check WALLTZ



WALPA Store Ginza and up coming Fair news.

Hi there.

So we have tons of exciting news.

Starting with our new store WALPA store Ginza.
It will open on the 30th of this month but I just could not keep to myself.
This will be our 5th store and it is a real honor to have a store in Tokyo best place.

Interesting building.





I do not have much more to show you but here is a sneak peek.

WALPA Store Ginza from the interior.





WALPA will also have a booth at one of the most exciting interior fair in Japan.

If you are in Tokyo come and visit us at the Tokyo Designers Week (10/25th~11/3rd)


New Wave artist collection from Graham and Brown is out.

When Graham and Brown teams up with promising young designers you get an exciting  collection.

New Wave brings you the best of the Design British scene.

Whitty, bold, fun and awesome wallpaper for everyone.

Starting with a Japan favorite, Kate Usher’s Fishes Mustard.





Another hot design in Japan, PARADISI II from Emma J Shipley:




You do not want to miss Helen Steven’s (courtesy of Surfacephilia) wonderful Feathers Multi:




Here is my personal favorite, Coffee Bean Natural from Nancy Straughan.




A refreshing pattern for both kids and their parents, Bike Ride Yorkshire from Jessica Hogarth:




There is more and I suggest that you visit our online store WALPA for the rest of the New Wave wallpaper collection from Graham and Brown.


Bring art into your room. Andy Warhol X Flavor Paper Collection.

The new Warhol X Flavor Paper collection is here.
More than wallcovering these designs bring art into your room.
Silk printed on an amazing mylar ground the result is astonishing.


Starting with Andy Warhol Small Flowers




Some trademark Warhol art, the Queen Elizabeth in all her glory




Wanna play a game? Find Warhol in the Crowd.

The pattern is available in several colors, but my pick is definitely the neon pink.



Got to go in the hiding?
Here is some Andy Warhol Camouflage for you!
Mossy Field on Chrome ground for a bold statement.




Finally my favorite, being a Warhol and Watchmen fan I could not not love Warhol x Flavor Paper Rorschach pattern. Storm on gold design dive deep into your subconscious.




The Warhol X Flavor Paper collection is currently available at WALPA (for Japan).

Buy art! Now!