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The second new collection from NLXL, the Concrete Wallpaper, has been designed in collaboration with the Dutch designer Piet Boon.
Ultra realistic wallpaper for a modern yet warm interior.
Sober and subtle, easy top coordinate yet modern.

Available through WALPA in Japan

What do you think? Which one would fit the best?

In Japan? Feel free to visit us anytime if you wish to see the real products.
For more details about us please see WALPA

In Japan with WALPA: Brooklyn Tins by merci with NLXL makers of Scrapwood Wallpaper.

I would like to introduce two new collections from NLXL makers of the in famous Scrapwood Wallpaper.

First, the Brooklyn Tins by merci with NLXL
These new designs are incredibly realistic and having no repeat they are really easy to hang!
Just see for yourself and feel free to contact WALPA anytime for further details and/or purchase!

This new collection is already receiving raving comments and feedback.
You can expect a lot of buzz around these designs soon.

Today I, on behalf of WALPA would like to introduce two amazing studios: Camilla Meijer and Flat Vernacular.

Here at WALPA have been floored by the quality, originality and the designs of these two studios.
I need the wallpaper from before, having sold some before but when I opened the books I felt in love again.
I would like to warn you that the following pictures absolutely don’t do justice to the quality of the work, still I cannot resist…
I would like to share the love!

First is Camilla Meijer from London:
Enjoy her nature inspired designs and her infamous owl!

Awesome designs and work on the colors.
Mysterious beasts and more.

And much more!!!

Just check out WALPA