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Stefan Hengst from NYC with his Spanish inspired designs is on WALPA.

WALPA is proud to introduce Stefan Hengst in Japan.

Stefan Hengst brings surfaces to life. He explores and pushes the boundaries of design, sets challenging perspectives, and creates a strong awareness of the world we live in.

Simply put, his wallpaper has an incredible sense of texture and depth.
If you are looking for a different kind of wall coverings, search no longer.
See for yourself:

Granada, home of the infamous Alhambra, inspired these tiles.

Granada variation.

Sevilla, inspired by another great Spanish city.

Sevilla in white.


Here is a personal favorite of mine: Cadiz.

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Today introducting JUJU Papers. Available through

On this lovely Summer day I would like to introduce these lovely wallpaper from JUJU PAPPERS:

Fresh nature inspired designs. Pastel colors and beautiful lines, this Salad Days!

The long and warm evenings in Fall…Feel like the Indian Summer!

After Chinterwink:

From Portland, Oregon, JUJU Papers has been founded by Avery Thatcher in 2010.
Eco minded hand printed beautiful wallpaper.
Avery is inspired by folk art.
The word juju means ascribing magical powers to inanimate objects, most commonly objects in one’s home. Everyone has a bit of this in their lives – the coffee mug that you love to reach for every morning, the wool sweater that you can’t seem to get rid of even though you long ago lost the privilege of wearing it in public, the toddler’s beloved blanket. They are all touched with a bit of our own personal magic. The word juju has it roots in West African traditional religions, and was made known to the world as Joujou by French colonials. Avery went to a few juju houses in West Africa fifteen years ago, and when the time came to name her company, she found that she had the word at her fingertips to describe the feeling that she had about the product that she had been developing over the last five years. Good juju.

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