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Embroidered wallpaper from Claire Coles.

Couture Embroidered Wallpapers from Claire Coles.

Claire’s couture wallpapers transform walls into individual works of art. Each design plays with texture and scale to create a rich opulent feel to any setting.
Fragments of hand-sourced vintage wallpapers are layered and intricately embroidered with silks and leather to create a range of patterns and scenes.

Feminine and delicate hand made wallpaper.

Mysterious flowers and dark romanticism.

More sophisticated wallpaper.

Bright poppy wallpaper.

A last flower bouquet wallpaper from Claire Coles.

I warmly recommend that you see for yourself Claire Coles work.

I would like to introduce these gorgeous wallpaper and fabrics from House of Hackney.

Fantastical, whimsical and just plain gorgeous designs from House of Hackney (U.K.).
Wallpaper and Fabrics are now available in Japan through WALPA.

Human lamp stand and full Rose Daltson coordinate.

Strange animals fabric anyone?

Water pipe smoking sloth? Never thought about it but it makes for some lovely fabrics.
Definitely one of my favorite pattern from House of Hackney.

I love wallpaper, I love cocktails, I love yellow and I don’t mind the skunk.
I guess this yellow stripes cocktail drinking skunk themed wallpaper is for me!

Are you looking for some gothique wallpaper? House of Hackney has your needs covered.

Subtle nuances of cream, grey and dark blue for the Dalston Rose wallpaper with Ombre.

Did I mention that House of Hackney’s book is luxurious?

Today's coup de coeur is the British studio Young&Battaglia.

White is chic and bookshelves wallpaper is hip.

Sublime molds wallpaper.

White wood panelling wallpaper! Impressive result.

Very unique wrought iron wallpaper.

The white version of the wrought iron wallpaper.

Unfortunately Young&Battaglia’s site is currently under construction, but you can see and buy their wallpaper and wall decorations from Mineheart.

Just found out about Pottock's wallpaper from LA…They rock!

Some weird apples.

Dead Trees???


The printing process! Looks interesting.

Shame I didn’t find out about them before because their wallpaper really look good!
Silk-screened, water-based ink and recyclable paper! Eco friendly company!
Love it.

Interesting designs from the French company Domestic. Designers team up to create unusual wallpaper and stickers.

Always wondered what your skeleton looks like? Well, now thanks to Nathalie Lete and Domestic you know!

Edition limited to 100 units by the group Cocktail.

Weird Businessmen? Check! From Genevieve Gauckler.

Finally some trippy landscapes from the studio Tado.

And much more on Domestic‘s page. Enjoy!