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WALPA is always on the move. New zone added to our pages: Brazil!

While everybody knows Brazil for Copacabana and the Carnival de Rio

I am pretty sure that you have never heard of the Brazilian wallpaper.
WALPA is proud to introduce to you Bobinex the manufacturer of many nice wallpaper in Brazil.

The journey has just started so follow us around the world, there are still many uncharted places when it comes to wallpaper!

WALPA keeps on digging Africa and adds Senegal to its map.

While wallpaper seems to be a tricky thing to find in Senegal, we still managed to find a digital custom wallpaper designer Mandarine.

I will keep on looking!

WALPA is going South (Africa to be exact). I am proud to add Morocco to WALPA's map!

WALPA welcomes art distriKt and Morocco!

Our first shop from Morocco is the designer of custom wallpaper and photo wallcoverings art distriKt

Here are some of their works in Morocco.

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I will keep on looking for more!

WALPA is glad to welcome behangtrends from the Netherlands.

Thanks to behangtrends for their request and it is a pleasure for us at WALPA to welcome us.
Don’t hesitate to check their extensive collection!

The Gardens of Amsterdam from BN

Chacran from BN….and many more!