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WALPA welcomes Grafikwalls from Portugal. Awesome custom wallpapers inspired by the board culture.

And more cool designs!
Taylor made for a perfect fit!


WALPA TOKYO is due to open in February!

WALPA TOKYO is due to open in February!

WALPA team is proud to announce the opening of its Tokyo shop in February.
We have been moving fast, after our Facebook page in September, our online shop in December we are opening WALPA Tokyo!
In addition to our offices and showroom in Osaka we always wanted to run a shop dedicated to imported wallpaper.
The idea is simple, we want to bring the best and the most unique selection of wallpaper to the Japanese market.
We don’t like wallpaper, we LOVE wallpaper.
Unfortunately the kind we are looking for wasn’t available or hard to find here in Japan.
….Until Now!
It is time to fulfill our dreams!
It is time to bring quality wallpaper!
We have finally found the perfect place for our project, located in a creative area of Tokyo the shop will be in building rich in creators, designers and photographs.

Here is a little teaser! More to come after the opening.
Should you have any questions or if you want us to distribute your products,
feel free to contact us anytime!
『WALPA Tokyo』
Tel: (81)6-4390-7272

オランダデザイナーの可愛いカスタム壁紙。Lile SadiとPhotowallのコラボ壁紙です。


Lovely and fresh wallpaper from The Netherlands. Unique and original patterns for this bespoke wallpaper. In exclusivity at WALPA.