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New brand on WALPA: UGEPA

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday.

UGEPA is the last French wallpaper manufacturer and is a new addition to WALPA collection.

The collection showcases a selection of classic, fakes and more modern designs.

If you need  ghetto blasters, Tv sets, guns, bricks or a jungle wallpapers look no more.

UGEPA used to be a manufacturing only and it shows. The printing quality is top notch.

As always I strongly advise you to come over and check the real thing in our stores.

























New Wallpaper World Magazine.

Hello there.

Our 10th Wallpaper World magazine is already out!

Featuring a groovy interview from  Flavor Paper owner and main designer Jon Sherman as well as a new concept: WALPA Doll Box.

We thought about the best way to recreate a brand atmosphere in a limited space and came up with the idea of the doll box.

This is real life dolls we are talking about (ladies from our staff play the dolls) .

We proudly bring you the Koziel Doll Box and the House of Hackney Doll Box.

Below each box are listed the products used for the photoshoot.

Off course all the references listed are available in our stores.








New WALPA store open in Isetan!

Hi there.

I come with some great news for our tokyoites friends!

A new WALPA store has open today.

Right in the heart of the busy area of Shinjuku, WALPA Isetan is located on the 5F of the department store.

The new store in Isetan mixes WALPA usual vibe with a high end flair.




Come over anytime (well at least between 10:30 and 20:00) to check out the new NLXL designs.

The Rulers designed by Mr&Ms Vintage themselves are a stunning example of what can be done when you have tons and tons of talent.







The original Scrapwood Wallpaper or where it all started.

It has been almost 4 years since it debut, all I can say is that it has not lost a once of its edge.

This still is a benchmark when it comes to realistic wallpaper. More than wallpaper a true design classic that will stay relevant for ever.

Buy it here.




A selection of some of our favorite designs are displayed on large panels to offer the optimal visibility.




Sneak peek at Koziel new design: Bricks and Moss.

This time again the French masters have outdone themselves.




Last one for the road.

Here is a larger photo of our shop.





Come over and check the new store out!



New designs from our friends NLXL: Biblioteca Wallpaper from Ekaterina Panikanova.

Happy Tuesday to you all!

NLXL is back at it again with an awesome new collection: Biblioteca Wallpaper.

This series is based on the work of the Russian artist Ekaterina Panikanova.

I think it is better to let the artist explain her work:

” I like working on old books: I like the way the wear and tear, underlining’s, notes and scribbling’s enable me to perceive the personalities of the people who have read them. Each book has a history, it is the story of its reader. ”

“The collection is a research that speaks of private memory consisting of free associations,

It is a project that brings my work within the home, within the family where everything started.”


Rick Vintage, NLXL founder and Head Director had the impossible task to transform Ekaterina’s art into wallpaper.

Here is what he has to say about the process:

“From the very first encounter with Ekaterina’s art we could not get it out of our heads. ”

“It was a difficult task for us to translate the 3D artwork to a wallpaper design.”

“The original artwork is so overwhelming, but after a long process we got it right.”

“The final product has the same impact as the original.”


Being lucky enough to have seen the real stuff at the Heimtextil fair I can say that the new collection is impressive and gorgeous.

NLXL has also  introduced a new concept, you can complete the “main” design with some columns of books , allowing you to arrange the pattern as you wish.


The collection will be available at WALPA very soon, until then enjoy the images below:




























I really hope that you are as excited as we are!


New from the Graham & Brown: Ultimate Flock Collection。

Hello there.

Graham & Brown has some gorgeous flocked wallpaper for your guys.

The new color ways are astonishing and gorgeous, check out that orange, pink and purple on gold.

Bold, loud, cute and classic patterns…The collection is broad and has it all.

The images do not do justice to the quality of the flocking and material.

The pearlescent background is especially incredible.

I strongly suggest that you come over and check out the catalogues in our stores.


Below is a selection of some of my favorite designs.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.






























Winter Mist collection from Aimee Wilder.

Hi there,

Winter is here, cold and harsh for some and inspiring for others.

Aimee Wilder is from the later. Winter has inspired her to add soft palettes to her bold patterns.

The pearlescent Mist Color added to 10 patterns is a beautiful way to integrate of whites and neutral walls that can be accessorized

with pops of color or contrats to create a sophisticated calming winter den.

The new colors will soon be available at WALPA.







Subtle prints in white like tigers and pineapples can add unexpected magic to your soft white space.







Mostly in mother-of-pearl Mist coat the Crop Circles will make any space glow.







The pearlescent effect on the new Gameland adds a hint of mystery to a high concept design.




Leaf Damask makes for a classic and clean conversation piece.




Stay tune for Aimee Wilder’s new collection debut!

Check out the rest of the patterns and colors at WALPA.

Stay Warm.


New collection from Milton & King: Shibori

Happy New Year to all our fellow wallpaper lovers from all over the world.

I wish you all the best for the year of the Sheep (2015).

One of our favorite editor has been on a roll lately. I would like to introduce you today their new collection Shibori.

This collection features kaleidoscopic patterns and tie and dye colors.

Radiating with positive energy, lively and organic.

Freshen up and let the positive vibe flows…

It may help to dust off your Grateful Dead records or not.





















See you soon in one of our stores!


New on WALPA: Concrete Wall by Tom Haga.

Hailing from Noway Tom Haga is a famous fashion photographer.

Tom’s Concrete Wall mural series is uber-realist and will add a modern, gritty and urban vibe to your interior.

The size is completely customizable, this is to make sure that the mural will fit perfectly.

Printed on a highly textured heavy duty wallpaper it is washable and has a great depth.

The designs really have to be experienced and we highly recommend that you drop by and check out the sample books.

Here are a few selected designs.








The silhouette has just been added to give you an idea of the scale and is not on the final product.




Check out the texture and realism.





Here is an installation example for your pleasure.







The whole series includes 47 concrete patterns, 14 bricks and 2 woods patterns.

Check them out at WALPA.


News from our company. Order made customs walls now available.

Hi there,

Our other shop, Kabegamiyahonpo, has launched a new made to order service.

Easy as pie,  just send us a nice image of photo that you would like us to print, tell us the required dimensions and we will do the rest.

The mural will come split in several panels, the number depending on the size, all you have to do then is to follow the steps.

The wallpaper is printed on a stable non-woven media, paste the wall not the paper and you do not need much space when installing it.

Each panel width is conveniently narrow and hanging the paper is easy as it can be.

For a perfect match the paper should be installed with an overlap (about 1cm) and then double cut.

Our staff is here to support you with all the steps and should you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.

Below you can see a few examples.

Love you dog? How about making larger than life?

Here is a nice mural of Aretha chan (the company’s dog).




Need to brighten an otherwise un-cool meeting room?

Make a groovy mural with your company’s moto on it.




You have a nice photo of your loved ones ?

We can print it to perfectly fit on your sliding doors or doors.

Installing it then is really child’s play.




Want a feminine vibe? We have your back covered.

This mural with is pastel colors and round designs is sure to make up for a lovely interior.




Fake and trompe l’oeil patterns are really hot now, here is an example of how we have worked with a customer to integrate some nature to his interior.

We have printed a trunk to cover a concrete pillar and brought the forest to the living room.

Again this is just an example and the sky is the limit.

Have fun playing with new ideas and explore the endless possibilities.





Another view of the installation.




We have just scratched the surface here and the choices are truly limitless.

We invite you to contact us for further information and details.



All that glitters is gold thanks to Graham & Brown new collection Midas.

Hi there,

Today I would like to introduce you the new Superfresco wallpaper collection Midas.

Remember the legendary Greek king Midas and his magic touch?

Back to reality, Graham & Brown offers you the opportunity to turn your interior into a Palais des Milles et Une Nuits.

Glitters, gold, glitters, silver and more glitters.

Stripes, damasks and plain grounds for a luxurious feel at a reasonable price.

Graham & Brown Superfresco series is an entry level wall-coverings series which brings you a large range of great designs at a nice price.

Meanwhile here is a sneak peek for all the wallpaper lovers.




























The collection is set to launch soon in Japan, check out WALPA for updates and more info.