About Us


WALPA is a worldwide wallpaper portal website which goal is to propose
the best wallpaper webshops, shops and manufacturers from all over the globe.
At WALPA we only pickup and select the wallpaper we think are:
"cool, cute and interesting."
WALPA wants to bring happiness and comfort with wallpaper.
WALPA links people from all over the world who share the same interest in wallpaper.

How to join WALPA

At  WALPA we gather information about wallpaper.
WALPA is always looking for new wallpaper designs, manufacturers, DIY videos, etc,...
Contact us, get involved, follow us or leave a comment through our
WALPA Facebook page if you want your site or wallpaper to be featured.

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About the information published by WALPA

If you find our information to be outdated, inaccurate or subject to changes contact us.
Or if you feel like we have violated your copyrights or infringement rights, please accept our apologies.
We will correct the mistakes and get in touch with you in the shortest terms.